I haven’t had an eye exam in at least 5-6 years.  Great experience and friendly staff. :)


-D L. (8/23/2016 ~ 5 star review via Yelp.com)



My appointment occured on time. The staff was very courteous and pleasant. The exam was done in a very reasonable amount of time by Dr. Katow. It was a good experience. (Patient since 2014)


-Brian E. (8/20/2016 ~ 5 star review via Smilereminder.com)



I went to Dr. Marsico for an emergency and he was AMAzING! I was in a panic and he definitely calmed me down and gave me some medications to help out.

Side note: its super helpful to have these pictures to see how they actually look like before going in

Thanks Dr. Marsico


-Katherine A. (5/11/2015 ~ 5 star review via Yelp.com)



The staff at East West are GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!! Very timely and polite. They really take of us seniors.


-Portia M. (5/4/2016 ~ 5 star review via Smilereminder.com)



Words cannot express the wealth of medical knowledge and personable bedside manners, which Dr.Alex Liu embodies. He makes you feel at ease and explains medical lingo in ways I can understand and grasp. If it wasn’t for his keen sense of diagnosis, to this day, I would still be struggling with a rare auto immune disease called Myasthenia Gravis and a ginormous 7.5″ tumor that grew from my thymus gland. One of the many symptoms of this disease is intermittent occurrence of blurry vision & droopy eyelid. I was told by a dear friend of mine who’s retired from ophthalmology/LASIK surgery “in his 30 years experience, he only came upon 2 cases.” That said, it’s very difficult to diagnose! Dr. Liu caught it just in time & saved my life!


-Allie T. (3/7/2016 ~ 5 star review via Yelp.com)



Everyone is professional and respectful. I always enjoy Sal’s help when ordering glasses.


-Judith W. (3/6/2016 ~ 5 star review via Smilereminder.com)